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Our offer

Always 100% Organic, Homemade and with Local products

We concoct homemade pastries as well as a simple cuisine, prepared every day with love in the Bellecour Café. They are then delivered to the Guichard Café thanks to our Tree-Tree tricycle (and the one who pedals) !


Breakfast formulas

from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

For your breakfast, you can of course choose one of our homemade pastries accompanied by a hot drink, but we also offer three formulas specially made for breakfast.

Golden Gate

Pour les brunch addicts

Un Wrap de votre choix dans la vitrine, accompagné d'une boisson chaude.

9,5 €


De l'énergie dans un bowl !

Une boisson chaude au choix et un bol de fromage blanc (de vache ou de soja), à composer vous-même avec le buffet Granola.

9,5 €


Petit-déjeuner à la française

De la baguette, du beurre et de la bonne confiture, accompagné de la boisson chaude de votre choix.

9,5 €


Our Lunch formulas

We offer you simple , seasonal cuisine every day,
prepared with fresh, organic and local products

I take in 
the fridge

My dish :
Chicken or Vegan Buddha Bowl 
Croque, Wrap & Pie
which are accompanied by a mixed salad to collect at the counter.

Drinks & Verrines

I order 
at the counter

My dish :
Hot dish of the day

Soup of the day

Pastries and hot drinks

Sauces & fountain

Infused water is available in self-service at the entrance of the café as well as the seasonings for your salads. 

The principle :  


  1. You take a dish from the display case at the entrance, as well as a cold drink if you want one, and a verrine if you want a cool dessert (if necessary, transition trays are available to you to the left of the display case). 
    → If you want the Dish Of the Day or the Soup of the day, head directly to the counter!

  2. You bring us all this, and we then prepare a tray with cutlery and a napkin, add the mixed salad that accompanies your Pie / Wrap / Croque while they heat up nicely in the grill. Now is the time to ask for your Soup of the Day, if that is what tempts you !

  3. If you want a pastry for dessert, tell us which one you would like.

  4. Hot drinks can be ordered directly at the counter !  

  5. You pay when you order and we bring you your hot meals at the table. You will find water and seasonings for your salad just left of the front door.  

  6. Once your meal is finished, we invite you to bring your tray back to the black shelf located to the right of the cash register.

   There you go. Bon appétit!


Our brunch

Every Sunday from 10:30 A.M at 2:30 p.m.

Without reservation

Brunching at NEWTREE is a gourmet, relaxed and friendly moment ! It is the Sunday meeting, to enjoy homemade, organic and local cuisine with your friends, your family, your loved one or even alone - who knows, it might be the occasion to meet somebody..!


Single price: 24 €

 Winter Brunch Dark 2021.png

Our coffee



For our coffee, we chose to work with a  roaster  local.

And as in Lyon we are lucky to have the best of the best,
it is Mokxa which supplies us each week with their best coffee (100% organic of course).

origin of the moment


Variety: Caturra Red, Caturra
Altitude: 1800 m

Round and syrupy, it develops notes of milk chocolate, praline and tonka bean.

This certified organic coffee comes from
from the Huehuetenango region,
where the plantations can reach up to 2000m altitude .

locally roasted coffee by mokxa

We also sell coffee beans and ground coffee bags. 


Americano Newtree 250p-01.png

€ 3

Expresso Newtree

€ 2.10

Ristreto Newtree

€ 2.10

Double Expresso Newtree

3  €

Allonge Newtree

€ 2.10

Long Black Newtree

€ 3


Macchiato Newtree

€ 2.50

Cappuccino Newtree

€ 3.50

Flat White Newtree

€ 3.90

Latte Newtree

€ 4

Latte Macchiato Newtree

€ 4.50

Mocaccino Newtree

€ 4.50

the milks

iced coffee

iced latte

Double expresso on ice

Double-shot latte
served on ice

€ 3.50

€ 4.50

iced moca

Mocaccino on ice

€ 4.90

cold brew

Cold brew coffee

€ 3.50

the ICES

Find all our drinks, hot or cold, with the milk of your choice, with no price difference!
We offer oat, almond, soy, rice or cow milk, the choice is yours! 

our pastries


Whether it is for a morning snack, dessert or afternoon tea, come and discover all of our homemade sweets.

With Vegan and Gluten Free options, there is something for everyone !

It is also possible to order whole pies or cakes from us for your events via our contact form (the order must be made at least one week in advance).

The unavoidable



2.5 €


Banana Bread

3.5 €



3.5 €


Granola Bars

3.5 €


Chocolate factory

We are partners of NEWTREE, a Belgian chocolate factory that shares our values :  

  • They use organic and fair trade ingredients (Max Havelaar certified)

  • Their production process is CO2 neutral

  • The chocolate is pure cocoa butter and without soy lecithin  

  • Three ranges are on sale in the Cafés :  

    • The classic range, which offers subtle associations and flavor inclusions in the chocolate matrix (essential oils, quinoa, etc.)

    • The multi-flavor range

    • The range produced by hand, gourmet (3 or 4 flavors) and crunchy

Dark chocolate contains at least 72% of cocoa. The cocoa beans used combine two origins :

Peru to bring a strong and full-bodied taste, and the Dominican Republic to soften and balance the taste !

NEWTREE chocolate is exclusively sold in our coffee shops (Bellecour & Guichard).

our tablets

"adventures" range
produced by hand

range "sensations"

range "discoveries"

You can find all these tablets on sale in our two Lyon coffee shops (Bellecour & Guichard )

 for 5 tablets purchased, we give away the 6th! 
AND for 12 we offer
3 !

Our 72%
cocoa chocolate chips

If you are wondering why our cookies are so successful (and have been elected best cookies in Lyon), this might be the reason...

Our chocolate chips !

We sell them in bulk in
our two coffees shops

Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 13.00.05.png

Our hot chocolate

At NEWTREE Café, the hot chocolate is super gourmet, fun and quite addicting !

We serve you a nice cup of 72% dark chocolate chips with a hot cup of milk (of your choice), and it is up to you to choose the amount of chocolate chips you want to melt down into it !

100% ORGANIC | 100% Homemade | Fresh, Local and Seasonal Products

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