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Newqu(o)i ?

New What ?

NEWTREE Café was born in December 2017,
with the opening of its first Coffee Shop next to Place Bellecour.


Why "NEWTREE" ?  

NEWTREE is first and foremost a Belgian chocolate brand, very committed to protecting the planet
with which we have a privileged and lasting relationship.

We have signed an agreement to use the NEWTREE brand, which is why we are called NEWTREE Café!

We are the exclusive distributor of the NEWTREE brand in Lyon.

To know everything about the NEWTREE range of chocolates, click here.

NEWTREE Café, it's now 2 coffee shops in Lyon (Bellecour and Guichard)
and a happy team of more than 10 people.


Our values

Since our launch in 2017,
all our decision-making is guided by the following 5 pillars :


Respect the planet
Bring well-being to people
Smile to people and to the future
Put passion
Sincerity and transparency

Notre mission

Our raison d'être:

 make a positive contribution to the planet 
and awaken the hummingbird
* that is in all of us

Our mission

“Inspired by nature, NEWTREE CAFÉ invites you to savor
life around gourmet, healthy and responsible experiences.”

Our Cafés have been designed with an eco-designed and eco-responsible approach.
We seek to show that it is possible to do and consume differently, without
deprive yourself of the small pleasures of life (such as a good coffee with a pastry).

Let's take care of our planet, it's the only one where we find chocolate!

Our actions

  • Our electricity is 100% green and local thanks to our supplier Enercoop Rhône-Alpes

  • We asked Eisena to create vermicomposters for our cafes in order to reduce our organic waste (and this is unique in Lyon!)

  • We have launched the deposit  in 2017 for our verrines. In 2021 it is our salads that are offered the deposit (to take away and delivery with Eatic )  in partnership with Dabba .  

  • We completely sort our waste and minimize packaging for consumption on site (cloth towels, etc.)

  • We do not always print your receipt , only when you ask us to do so.

  • The square of chocolate that accompanies your coffee comes from broken shelves that could not have been sold. It is delivered to us in bulk in large buckets (when our supplier has them)  

  • We have removed the supplement from vegetable milk to support those who make this choice out of taste, ethical, ecological or other conviction.

  • Our cocoons are created from French bamboo , and the interior of our cafes preserves already existing materials (parquet floors, libraries)

  • Of course, we use the TooGoodTooGo application to avoid throwing away our unsold items. 

Our establishments

For our two Cafés, we looked for more than just locations.
Our Cafés have a soul and you will understand it by discovering a little bit of their history.


Founded in 1803, this scientific bookstore was bought in 1927 by Maurice Camugli. Coming from a Corsican family and born in Egypt, at the age of 29 he bought the medical bookstore located opposite the charity hospital. He does it for his wife, whose family is from Lyon.

His son Guy (1928-1994), entrepreneur, developed the family business and opened three other bookstores, two of which are in the same rue de la Charité. With his wife Marie-Antoinette and his three daughters, Charlette, Pascaline and Guillemette, he manages a real Lyon institution with 22 employees.

90 years later, the family decides to end their activity for lack of volunteers and the availability of the fourth generation.

Lots of emotions for the family and for Marie-Antoinette (90 years old) in particular, for whom books have always been "a fabulous tool for human relations".

It is with great humility and pride that we take over from the Camugli family in this place steeped in history.


Our room has a long history behind it… At the turn of the century, it was a beautiful hardware store with its mezzanines, ladders and hundreds of drawers with nails, bolts, and various small parts. Lots of charm of which you will find some details if you look. Then, the hardware store was transformed into a bazaar then it was the Club Rive Gauche (if you have information, we are interested!) Then two florists succeeded under the name of Coconut.  

Place Guichard has not always been a metro station. It was adorned in the center with a superb fountain, the work of Mathurin Moreau. It began its public life in Lyon, place des Terreaux and was inaugurated on August 15, 1857. When the Bartholdi fountain, undoubtedly more fashionable, dethroned it, it was installed in Place Guichard, in 1892. Also strange as it may seem, it was destroyed in 1946 to allow the alignment of the rue Moncey. In 1981, it was the major works to accommodate the Metro station that gave the place its current architecture. Today, it is a vibrant, booming district with direct proximity to Part Dieu, a rapidly changing district!


Our team

NEWTREE Café is first and foremost a committed team that embraces the values of the place.

This wonderful team welcomes you every day in a good mood to concoct delicious meals and your favorite drinks.  We are also here to chat of course and answer your questions about our Cafés or on how to get started and progress as a hummingbird !

Want to join us ? 

Around Bernard, no less than 8 other partners gradually joined the NEWTREE Café adventure. 

Thanks to Géraldine, Pierre, Laurent, Benoît, Sébastien, Nicole and Pierre, Audrey, Geoffroy and Vincent who allowed the NEWTREE Café project to come true and grow. 

Notre Equipe

Our local producers & suppliers

Logo BioAPro

NEWTREE café has a lasting relationship with Bio A Pro which is,
since the 1st day, its sole supplier of organic & local fruits and vegetables
Bio A Pro is a cooperative which today brings together around
60 organic producers from the Rhône and the Loire .

Some producers:

Logo Les Cueillettes d'Amélie

Established since 2014, Amélie has created Les Cueillettes d'Amélie, a human-sized farm located in the Monts du Lyonnais in Chambost-Longessaigne!

Today,  Amélie provides us with herbal teas but also with jams for your breakfasts!

Logo Chiche

Creator of aperitifs, CHICHE is a Lyon start-up which brings organic legumes from French agricultural sectors up to date.

Black White Simple Wedding A4 Menu Landscape-4.png

MOKXA is our freshly roasted organic coffee in Lyon!
In addition to selecting the best organic coffees for us, MOKXA also guarantees remuneration to producers much higher than the market or fair trade price, a fair price, which allows them to live from their work, to invest, to better pay their workforce and project themselves.

Logo Be Loves Nature

Do you know our towels ?  Well, they come from there! Handcrafted in Lyon and Ain, Bérangère and her mother in solidarity fabric and Oekotex or GOTS certified fabric.

Nos producteurs

Our partners

Logo La NEF
Logo Enercoop
Logo Eisenia